Primary & Ancillary Identities

Freestanding sign: A sign that is not attached to a building. Monument Sign: A ground sign with low overall height. Legibility: How easy a sign is to read. This is based on the characteristics of letters, numbers, and characters that make it possible to differentiate one from another. Open Channel Letter: A letter that has no face, though a clear face may be used to protect internal components. If illuminated, the light source is visible. Pole or Pylon Cover: An enclosure for concealing and/or decorating poles or other structural supports of a ground sign. Projecting Sign: A building-mounted sign that projects from and is perpendicular to the building’s fascia. Push-Through: A letter or logo that is cut out of a backing material as thick or thicker than the sign face. The material is then mounted on the inside of the sign face so that it is flush with or extends through and beyond the front of the sign face. Readability: All of the characteristics of the letters, numbers, and symbols that allow the observer to perceive the right message. Retroreflective: The quality of a surface that reflects light directly back toward its original source. Wayfinding: A type of sign that allows users to find their way, using information provided along the travel path.

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