Wayfinding & Identification

From city and county to state federal, semiotic systems are imperative aspects of both public and secure facilities.

Experiential Systems works with all stakeholders to provide for hassle free analysis and programming of complex architectural signage systems.

Our hierarchical analysis covers room identification, code compliance, life safety, and wayfinding from every path of travel. To accomplish this efficiently, we have developed an ever evolving set of best practices soliciting and collaborating with the architect of record, staff, and users of the built environment and environs.

In nearly all governmental facilities, metal plaques, markers, seals, emblems, and commemorative reliefs adorn or identify significant places and themes. Remaining code compliant with ADA, among other federal and local statues and codes is inherently expected of such facilities too.

Perhaps the most important type of semiotics within any built environment is wayfinding. Such signage and markings are essential for the public to find where they are going as quickly as possible.

Experiential Systems is very comfortable and experienced in the most demanding projects. Connect with Joseph Licari on LinkedIn or drop us a line or two here.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency , Ft. Belvoir

Role: Sr. Project ManagerGeneral Contractor: Clark / Balfour Beatty ConstructionArchitect: RTKL/Kling Stubbins, BaltimoreOwner’s Representative: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, BethesdaEmployer: The Gelberg Companies, Gelberg Signs


The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, a unit of the Dept. of Defense that provides geospatial intelligence, such as satellite imagery, for national security objectives.

Clark / Balfour Beatty’s overall scope included a 2.2-million-sq-ft office, a 105,000-sq-ft central utility plant, a 5,100-space parking garage and a 7,300-sq-ft visitor control center. Just over $1.5 billion in total project value. Our scope consisted of high end internally illuminated monuments & pylons, wayfinding, traffic control, and environmental graphics.

Besides the fact a simple stop sign could literally be engineered to stop a vehicle, these structures are sharp lines of lat. & long. with strong edges and reveals.

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Experiential Systems is an environmental graphic design firm working with stellar partners in architecture, urban design, and private clientele.

Research & Planning

Cities, large campuses, and urban environments are all complex adaptive systems. Working with stellar partners in architecture and urban design, we identify thematic and formal contexts, user profiles, and circulation paths to inform a strategy which works for the agents and users of the system.

Environmental Graphic Design

Connecting people to places through the visual systems communicating identity and information. Staying tuned to the patron's/user's experience within built environments. Placemaking, EGD, Code Compliance, Life Safety,etc.


Placemaking is always a cooperative, multi-faceted approach to planning, design and management of public spaces. We work with all stakeholders like architects, interior designers, furniture & fixture designers, and owners. To bring experiential places to life we’re typically enriching the patron's and or user's interaction.


Thoughtful wayfinding information systems guide people through environments. Complex built environments, public realms, and urban centers have ever evolving systems. They’re found everywhere including City Centers & Entertainment Districts, Higher Education & Health Care Facilities, Luxury Residential & High-End Corporate Campuses, Bio-Medical & Research Facilities, and Federal & Local Government Complexes.

Architectural Signage

Complimentary architectural sign system design and planning. Historic Preservation, Overlay Districts, Master Sign Programs, and Branded Environs. Available from discovery and design development through documentation & tender management.

Signage Design

Experienced design of identity systems for a broad range of industries. Corporate Brands, Retail Storefronts, Mixed Use Developments, Higher Education, Health Care, and other Institutions all inherently require sign identification. Creating a highly visible landmark or and eye catching gem of a sign supports a location’s success.

Sign Systems

Experiential Systems is a valuable semiotic resource. Hassle free planning and programming of complex architectural signage systems. Complete hierarchical analysis covers room identification, code compliance, life safety, and wayfinding from every path of travel.

Graphic Design

Strikingly bold or subtly conservative we craft visual content to communicate your message. We provide marketing & advertising lock ups, technical illustrations, architectural renderings, and interactive & immersive solutions.

3D Modeling

Strengthening the quality of the design intent is the translation from concept to a modeled visualization anyone can easily digest. Prior to building a million-dollar solution, we can test the impact of such with rigor.

corporate hospitality education residential sport entertainment healthcare government retail public space